Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just ONE Picture ... LAME effort ... But Adorable!

Ok! I have been horrible at updating the blog! No excuse is a good excuse I hear ... SO here is a little tease and a promise to get with it this week and post you some updates. Parker and Tyler send lots of big wet sloppy kisses. More pictures coming soon! MUWHA!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

SINGLE ... eek!

So I had my first singles mixer Thursday. The series is entitled "Hooked up" ... As for me ... I was TERRIFIED. Showed up in jeans and running shoes ... because that felt comfy and left me feeling slightly confident (at least if neccessary I could run away easily :) My new balances would carry me, right?!).

Showing up 20 minutes late (typical) I walked smack dab into a room of 600 ... yes thats SIX HUNDRED singles, who are members/friends of members at my church. And if THAT wasn't scary enough ... MY TABLE (to which I had to walk THRU 600 people to get to) was ON THE STAGE!!! HOLY CROW. Only 3 tables on that stage and out of 60 tables! THE LUCK!

ONE BIG THING I did LEARN ... I have to figure out the answer to all those token "first date" questions. Someone asked me what my favorite movie was ... I totally blanked ... all that flashed in my head was THOMAS THE TRAIN ... I've got work to do I think :)

All in all it was fun. Hmmmmm.....

Just so ya know!

you asked ... here are the words to the Natalie Grant Song ... but check out my new favorite girl Francesca too ... such a rockin song!

One heart, one voiceLiving out love in this world of noise
my dream and my joy
Giving you all I have made a choice
Desperately I'm waiting
To answer your calling

Chorus:I will be a candle in the darkness
I will be the hand of heaven above
I will be a mirror that reflects your endless love
I will be the hope among the hopeless
where there is conflict I will be peace
Only by the power of your spirit that's living in me
I will beYour heart, your plan
Give me your eyes help me understand
My feet, my handsholding out living hope to every man
Knowing what you've made me
With every single heartbeatRepeat


Gracious, Gentle and Kind
Knowing that your love will shinethrough mine

Repeat Chorus(Tag)

This little light of mine, I'm gonnalet it shinethis little light of mine, yeah

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life+Tyler = Good Times!

Tyler's Family

Tyler and Aunt RayRay ... love her

Me: No Tyler that is Parker's Boppy ... Tyler "no mommy Mine Poppy"

"Oh Mommy ... I a lucky Boy!"

The Bros on Christmas morning ... so cute!

Tyler + Chucke = Obsession

My Best Friend Logan

Mental Note: Bath First ... then Chocolate Popsicle (duh!)
On second thought ... I would have missed this adorable picutre!!

My BF's handme down shirt ... Thanks Logan "I LUB IT!"

Me: "Tyler we don't Draw on other people property"
Tyler: "But Mommy I wanna Drawl on pro-pretty""


Looking good!

"Hello ... Who is it?"

(can you see him pinching his right nipple ... NICE!)

Mommy's Heart!
(who will where this shirt until if falls off!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The many faces of "My Parker"

Okay I haven't posted pictures of Parker or Tyler in the last month ... so I thought I better update you guys! So here are some sweet snaps of Parker ... Is he not the cutest little boy you've ever seen! I think I'll keep em both! January 4th (almost 4 months) sitting up (with help)
December 19th (3 months, and 1 week old) almost rolling over!!

December 25 (3 1/2 months old) hanging at Nana's house

December 19th (3 months, 1 week old)
look at me holding up my big head! Aren't you impressed!

December 17
LOVE THAT BUMBO CHAIR!! and my pimpin track pants!

December 14th (3 months old)
Now Wait a minute mom ... we need to talk about a daily picture limit!
This flash is getting to me!

December 14
*can you see the faint drool line on my shirt ...
is it really possible that I am teething at 3 months old! WOW!

December 10
(hanging with Tyler in my crib)

January 2nd ...

January 4th
Check out that belly! Talk about a muffin top :)
As Tyler would say ... "My Parker Happy, mommy?"

November 22 (2 months and 10 days)
Look at the smile! What a killer!

November 9 (almost 2 months old) how cute is this hat!!
I'll post an update of Tyler later this week ... just wait until you see this handsome boy! You won't believe how wonderful!! Also updates to come on my adventure to Fairfield Texas on Sunday to hold up in a Holiday Inn lobby with my cousing Kristin, Christmas fun, and BIG milestones!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis the Season ...

So I haven't posted in a while ... I am hoping most of you remember that Thanksgiving THROUGH New Year is the CRAZIEST time in my line of work. Being an event planner ... you can imagine my plate is full with the Holiday season. I currently have 71 events in the month of December ... and I am expecting at least another 10 to book ... BUSY doesn't quite capture it....

That being said .... I just couldn't let another week go without a quick update. We had a blast Thanksgiving weekend ... hanging out with Ray, John, and Dad (Dad was amazing not only helping me assemble my christmas tree (AMAZING), but also put Park's Crib togehter, and then watched the boys all day Friday while I worked .... with Uncky John ... incredible!!). We saw Santa Clause sky dive (pictures to come ... WOW!), grilled out steaks, built a gingerbread house, made our Santa List, and avoided the mall at all costs.

This Christmas will be a little lean in the gift department as I am sure it is with everyone (economy and all) ... but presents will seem to pale in the shadow of my oldest son's cackle of a laugh and my little boy's huge grin. So this has brought me to my biggest revelation to date ...

I am absolutely the most blessed woman on this planet. My two boys are such an amazing blessing, and I still can't understand why God has chosen me as their mom. They bring such life to my world. One of my friends put it so well tonight. "You're eyes are blazing (he said) ... I am so happy that you've come out of this so full of life". And my only response (HOW COULD YOU NOT BE!). I can't imagine a day when my life hasn't busted with fullness. Don't get me wrong the list of "TODO's" can seem daunting and unatainable on some days. But I look back on this year (almost a year since I became single ... can you believe it!) ...and all I see is strength.

I can't believe I have done his entire year on my own (physically, financially, emotionally)! I know pride is sinful ... but I can't help it. Today the more I thought of it ... I'm so PROUD of myself ... (that's embarassing!) I knew and still know that my family would/will come galloping to my rescue should I need it. In so many ways they have done more than they know. My sister still keeps the boys on Thursday and Friday (which is amazing!unbelieveable!)... and my mom has her occasional Grocery trip (life saving!). But for the most part ... its me! Every night, every morning ... sick, well, water bills, rent, happy, sad, time outs, doctor, dentist, play time, nap time, meals, tantrums, all of it (its me!). Its So overwhelming at times. There are days when I look into Ty and Park's eyes and think life couldn't get ANY HARDER. But then there are days (and they happen more than the former) ... when we sit together in the living room me and my boys and we just laugh. Tickling, sweet, joyful, HAPPY, I realize this family ... the family I have now ... is more than I ever had before. This life is more than I could ever want. I truly would choose this time and time again.

I can feel the future deep in me (almost as vivid as if I were looking at it now), and I know that it won't always be easy .... flat tires, cavities, holidays, girlfriends (eeek!), bills, report cards, grounding ... it will always just BE ME! But I am READY. I know I have been blessed with the strength to face it all. It's prickling up my arm right now, in a wave of goosebumps, when I realize ... I dont' need to be scared of what is to come. I have it in me to make this all work.

So when the boys seem just too much to handle, the bank account nears the single digits, I'm down to the last pair of underwear, my last diaper, and then just at the wrong time the tollway lights flash yellow as I zoom through, I will smile back at it all .... smile with confidence and smile with a daring since of acceptance, challenge even. I can do this! Bring it on!!

Back to the laundry ... pictures to come soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bath Time Fun

Lazy nights at the Cobb House!! We've spent a few nights this week just hanging out at the house, which has been so nice! The boys and I do a lot of running and playing with Ray Ray especially (so much that I forget how nice it is to stay home and be lazy!). Here are a few cute shots from our big fun bath night this week (not that we don't bathe regularly but when we can get BOTH bathed in one night that is a HUGE success!)